Download Eldy and promise you make your seniors happy!

So you want to "download" Eldy ?
You can get the software.  But you promise that you will do something good to your seniors.

The real Eldy experience is if you download it and you teach your mom/dad to use it.

We care if you teach Eldy, and spread our project. But we care more if you make your seniors happy.

Spend more time with your mom or dad, you might experience unforgettable emotions.They certainly will.

 I hereby confirm I will contact my senior(s) and give him/her a smile (phonecall, flower, visit...)

Download Eldy 2.3 – WINDOWS – SINGLE USER
FREE and translated: American English, Catalán , Deutsch, UK English, Español, Français, Italiano, Español Mexicano, Magyar, Nederlander, Srpski, Українcька (Ukrainian), Slovenščina, Polski, Българcки (Bulgarian), Suomi, Svenska
and partial translation in: 漢語 (Chinese), Ελληνικά (Greek),日本語 (Japanese), עִבְרִית (Hebrew), Pyccкий (Russian)

Download Eldy 2.2beta – MAC
FREE, same languages, beta version of 2.2 that will be released 22 December.

Download Eldy 2.2 – LINUX - tar.gz
FREE, same languages. Go to for debian package and instruction. Enjoy Eldy on any flavour you like (from Puppy to Ubuntu, ♥ Debian ♥ , Slack)

If you want to use Eldy in a multi-user environment (e.g. library, guest house, netcafè, retirement house, etc): Eldy has multi user version suitable to these needs! Please contact us or download directly (but contact us and let us know your project, some fees might apply).

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